Dent Guy Monterey
The Dent Guy

Guy Remlin

Founder and Owner of The Dent Guy, Monterey

Dent Guy is a play off the owner’s name, and he has been working in dent repair and auto body on the Monterey Peninsula for more than 2 decades. Guy has an extensive history as a skilled, respected and well sought after craftsman in the auto body industry.

He discovered his love for beautifying automobiles as a teenager, when he worked alongside his father on the weekends restoring classic automobiles to award-winning showcase quality. Thus an auto body star was born! Today, Guy carries on the “weekend” family tradition, but turned his love for beautifying cars into a full time profession… and then there was Dent Guy!

Guy’s expertise in the auto body industry is extensive. He is skilled in all areas of auto body repair and restoration, and is mobile, which allows him to add convenience and concierge services to his menu of services. Dent Guy is able to come right to your home or office for repairs – all part of the menu of options that makes the car repair process more convenient!

His process is environmentally safe and he offers paintless dent removal (PDR) for even faster and more economically friendly service. Guy continuously strives to provide exceptional customer service, state-of-the art technology, and convenience. His quality, affordable auto body services consistently surpass the competition. Dent Guy continues to bring his award-winning auto body craftsmanship to the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas and his reputation for excellence is well-known and widespread.